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CARGO-METALL GmbH is an Europe-wide profiled import company with 25 years of experience and outstanding knowledge of the industry. Our small, highly motivated team is able to react very flexibly to market requirements and to respond to individual wishes of our customers.
For more than 25 years, CARGO-METALL GmbH has specialized in the import of aluminum and lead. As one of the few companies importing these products directly from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bulgaria, CARGO-METALL GmbH has distinguished itself in this niche market and made a name for itself throughout Europe.

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The products distributed by us convince by their excellent quality and the favorable price-performance ratio. Here, we rely on partnership, the only way to achieve the long-term customer loyalty that we have set as our goal.

Our small, highly motivated team is able to react very flexibly to market requirements and to respond to individual wishes of our customers. Many years of experience in trading with metals enable us to act with foresight on the market and to offer service around the product – on time and reliably.

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Our products


Wire rod for cables and wires. We offer the aluminum wire rod in the purity 99.7% and 99.5% with a diameter of 9.5mm and 12mm. Application areas of these wire rods can be e.g. in electrical engineering, pharmaceutical and food production. For more details, please refer to the PDF file.


Lead ingots for automotive and chemical industry We offer soft lead min. 99,7 % and lead alloys in ingots. Lead bullion min. 97, 5% we offer in ingots as well as in blocks. Applications can be in lead accumulators, radiation shielding, etc. For more details, please refer to the PDF file.

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The transport of our products forms a considerable part of our range of services and, due to the industry and country-specific requirements, requires comprehensive knowledge and reliable partners.

For years, we have been cooperating with leading, certified, European logistics service providers who deliver our products flexibly, safely and on time to our customers at home and abroad.

We import our goods mainly from the Russian Federation. This represents a special challenge, because the exchange of goods between the European Union and Eastern Europe is associated with extensive customs and tax regulations.

In order to offer our customers a complete service, neutral customs agents or fiscal representatives take care of the customs clearance at all necessary customs/border points.


Financing & Hedging

In the course of our existence, we have succeeded in building a global financial network consisting of banks, brokers, factoring companies and financial service providers. In cooperation with this network, we are able not only to provide our customers with the raw material they require, but also to make a valuable contribution to our customers’ business success through financing services.

Our experts have an affinity for numbers; therefore, hedging and monitoring the commodity market on the London Metal Exchange (LME) is also a focus of our work. With this knowledge, we are able to adapt to market conditions at any time.



In an ever faster developing world with all its already foreseeable resource problems, recycling represents an ever-increasing value in the manufacturing of products.

Aluminum and lead are raw materials that can be 100% recycled and whose quality is not affected even after repeated recycling. The prerequisite is that the processing is done carefully and conscientiously.